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Jerónimo Martins is a Food Distribution Group, with market leadership positions in Poland and Portugal and that just enered the Colombian market. In 2013 it achieved sales of 11.8 billion euros (66% in Poland and 34% in Portugal), employing more than 70 thousand people and ended the year of 2013 with a market capitalisation of 8.9 billion euros on the NYSE Euronext Lisbon.

The Group holds a portfolio of businesses focused on the food area, and which combines the growth of Biedronka in Poland with the strength of the market positions of its Retail and Wholesale operations in Portugal and the maturity and profitability of the industrial assets from its partnership with Unilever, also in Portugal. The Food Distributionarea that represents 99% of the Group’s sales Company’s business operates supermarkets (376 stores under the banner Pingo Doce) and cash and carry (41 stores under the banner Recheio) in Portugal, retail stores (2,393 stores Biedronka) in Poland and opened its initial 36 stores in Colombia.

Delegates: Ana Luísa Virginia (CEO’s Chief of Staff); Claudia Falcao (IR)

Market cap: EUR/m 7400; USD/m 8000

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