For the third year, Euronext was very pleased to welcome you to the Pan European Days event, a four-day conference aimed at showcasing investment opportunities in Europe.
The main purpose of this annual event was to highlight investment opportunities in the European economies and to encourage interaction between Euronext listed companies and the North American investment community. Nearly 60 Euronext listed companies – all leaders in their sector and with a combined market capitalisation of $450 billion – met with over 350 investors during a three-day (2-4 June) investor conference in New York and Boston.
On June 1, the Pan European Days opened with the European American Economic Forum gathering more than 200 senior government officials, issuers, institutional investors and journalists from the European and US investment communities. Participants heard debates led by Ministers, CEOs and CFOs from leading industries, as well as chief economists from major financial institutions. This high-level conference ended with a keynote speech by Bart van Ark, Executive Vice President, Chief Economist & Chief Strategy Officer of The Conference Board. Please find here the pictures taken during the event
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Jos Dijsselhof Jos Dijsselhof Interim CEO and COO of Euronext

Our pan-European investor conferences are warmly welcomed by issuers and investors alike and each year we increase the participation from both audiences. Euronext’s strategy is underscored by our desire to be the leading financing centre in Europe. In 2014, the total capital raised on our markets topped €104 billion, a significant increase on the €92 billion raised in 2013, of which €50 billion was raised through equities compared with €32 billion in 2013. It positions Euronext as the second largest exchange in Europe and the sixth largest globally. This event is one of the key moments of the year for our listed companies allowing them to raise their profile among this important investor base.”

Marc Lefèvre Marc Lefèvre Head of Listing at Euronext

“This is another example of how Euronext in our central role within our ecosystem provides visibility to all its clients listed on our markets by constantly connecting issuers to investors.  The US market is particularly key for our European clients representing 34% of investment and increasing year on year. Our pan-European days allow them to meet a high number of investors in a short concentrated period. By extending the conference this year to Boston, we are ensuring a wider reach across the US market for our local issuers.”

Euronext, in association with DLA Piper and BNY Mellon, the European American Chamber of Commerce, The Conference Board, and more in particular also with the involved banks BPI (representing Portugal), ING (representing The Netherlands), KBC Securities (representing Belgium) and Société Générale (representing France) hope you enjoyed this event and are looking forward to seeing you in 2016 again.
For further information, also look at the PRESS RELEASE .