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Teleperformance is No. 1 worldwide in telemarketing and tele-services. The group specializes in outsourcing customer relation management contact centers. The group’s activity is organized primarily into 4 sectors:

At the end of 2014, the group had 270 contact centers in 62 countries (representing 170,000 workstations).Net sales break down by customer’s area of activity between telecom and Internet (40%), technologies and media (14%), financial services (10%), insurance (7%), energy (5%), public service (5%) and other (19%).Net sales break down geographically as follows: Great Britain/the United States/Canada/China/Korea/Indonesia/the Philippines/Singapore/Vietnam (43.8%), Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Colombia/Costa Rica/Salvador/Mexico/Spain/Portugal (28.3%) and Europe/Middle East/Africa (27.9%).

Delegates: Olivier Rigaudy (CFO); Quy Nguyen (IR Director)

Market Cap: EUR/m 3723; USD/m 3999