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CTT is a large logistics operator in Portugal (including express mail and parcels). It is the leader in the Portuguese postal sector, with circa 95% market share and holds the concession for the Universal Service Obligation (‘‘USO’’) until 2020

CTT has one of the oldest brands in Portugal and maintains high levels of recognition across the population, having beenvoted for nine years as one of the most trusted brands

Circa 90% of CTT’s revenues are generated from Portugal. CTT offers a wide range of products and services through its business units covering three markets: (i) mail, (ii) express and parcels, and (iii)financial services

CTT operates four separate, but connected, networks: (i) the postal distribution network, (ii) the Portuguese express and parcels network, (iii) the Spanish express and parcels network (iv) the retail network.

As of 30 September 2013, CTT’s retail network served its customers in Portugal through 2,520 sales points (of which 624 were post offices managed by CTT and 1,896 were postal agencies operated by third parties).

Through its postal distribution network, CTT sorts and distributes postal items through 11 sorting units and 304 postal distribution centers. During the nine months ended 30 September 2013, CTT handled an average of 3.6 million addressed mail items per day and served 5.3 million households in Portugal.

Delegates: Francisco de Lacerda (CEO)

Market cap: EUR/m 1400; USD/m 1500

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